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or⊕w writeup from Balsn CTF 2021

Author : how2hack Upload : Nov 20th, 2021 Rating : I will rate it 10/10 Platform : Linux Files : or⊕w Desc : No more orw for you :( First look or⊕w was the easiest pwn challenge from Balsn CTF 2021. There were 3 more Pwn tasks, which were really hard. In total there were 4 pwn challenges and I only managed to solve or⊕w. Here is the list of Pwn challenges. Read more

Easy_Kernel Writeup from K3RN3LCTF 2021

Author : Seal Twitter CTF : K3RN3LCTF Files: easy_kernel.tar.gz Platform : Linux Kernel 5.4.0 (KASLR, SMEP, SMAP, KPTI) It’s been a while, huh? Today, we will dive into the basics of Linux Kernel Exploitation. I am not very experienced when it comes to Linux Kernel Exploitaion and I am still learning. So, I am writing about the challenge I solved this weekend in K3RN3LCTF 2021. First Look We have a bunch of files to work with. Read more

Hyperion Writeup

  • Author : Gynvael Coldwind
  • Language : C/C++
  • Upload : May 9th, 2018
  • Level : I will rate it 8/10
  • Platform : Server: Linux | Client: Windows/Linux etc.
  • Files : hyperion
  • Desc : It’s 2017, so even single-player games require Internet connection.

Hyperion was one of the pwn challenges from Google CTF 2017 Finals. One day I randomly asked Gynvael (who is the author of this challenge) to give me some CTF challenges. He gave me 3 Revs and 1 Pwn challenges. In the end I solved 2 Revs and 1 Pwn. I received these challenges in June 2019, I solved the 2 Revs (the 3rd Rev is still unsolved and I still have no clue XD) sometime in 2020 but this Pwn (Hyperion) was still remaining. Just recently I decided that I will take a look and I will solve it finally.

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Hell86 - ttlhacker

Hell86 Author : ttlhacker Language : Assembler Upload : 8:03 PM 10/12/2018 Level : 3 Platform : Unix/Linux etc. Crackme : 1Desc: 2 3 - x86_64 linux binary (tested on debian 9 and ubuntu 18.04, should run on any distro). 4 - Takes one command line argument and outputs "OK!" if it's correct, "Wrong" if it's not. 5 - Partially written in C, actual verification routine is assembly. Read more

Reversing a malware in disguise

My Friend recommended this Super Awesome game and obviously it was downloaded from a random website from the internet ( some ripoff of the ). The contents of the are as follows : -

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Challenge: REPYC [REV] - 147 Points

Challenge Description:

  • woo thi chal sooo repyc!
  • File: 3nohtyp.pyc
  • Difficulty estimate: Easy

We are given a pyc file and running file on this pyc reveals that its a python 3.6 compiled python bytecode.

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HSCTF License

Challenge: License [ 298(DYN) RE ]

Challenge Description:

Written by: ItzSomebody


Keith made a cool license-checking program but he forgot the flag he used to create the key! To make matters worse, he lost the source code and stripped the binary for his license-generator program. Can you help Keith recover his flag? All he knows is:

  • The license key is 4-EZF2M-7O5F4-V9P7O-EVFDP-E4VDO-O
  • He put his name (in the form of ‘k3ith’) as the first part of the flag
  • There are 3 underscores
  • The flag is in the format hsctf{}
  • The flag doesn’t have random character sequences (you should be able to read the
  • entire flag easily).
  • The flag only contains lowercase English letters and numbers.
  • The generator might produce the same keys for different inputs because Keith was too lazy to write the algorithm properly.
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Plaintext Attack on Zip

The Vulnerability

The PKZIP program is one of the more widely used archive/compression programs on personal computers. PKZIP provides a stream cipher which allows users to scramble files with variable length keys ( passwords ). We can find the internal representation of the key within a few hours on a PC using a few bytes of known plaintext. This Stream cipher was designed by Roger Schlafly.

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Year3000 [RE - Nullcon Hackim2020 CTF]


1One day when I came home at lunchtime I heard a funny noise Went out to the
2back yard to find out If it was one of those rowdy boys Stood there was my
3neighbor called Peter And a flux capacitor. I guess there must be quite some
4entropy in a flux capacitor...
6Netcat Link : nc 1234

we were given 3000 stripped ELF binaries some 64bit binaries and 32bit binaries. the description of the challenge did’nt explained what exactly the task was, so i tried to connect to the given netcat link.

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