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or⊕w writeup from Balsn CTF 2021

Author : how2hack Upload : Nov 20th, 2021 Rating : I will rate it 10/10 Platform : Linux Files : or⊕w Desc : No more orw for you :( First look or⊕w was the easiest pwn challenge from Balsn CTF 2021. There were 3 more Pwn tasks, which were really hard. In total there were 4 pwn challenges and I only managed to solve or⊕w. Here is the list of Pwn challenges. Read more

Plaintext Attack on Zip

The Vulnerability

The PKZIP program is one of the more widely used archive/compression programs on personal computers. PKZIP provides a stream cipher which allows users to scramble files with variable length keys ( passwords ). We can find the internal representation of the key within a few hours on a PC using a few bytes of known plaintext. This Stream cipher was designed by Roger Schlafly.

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